Why is my motor not moving?

Don't get the motors to move on the robotics board for micro:bit?

Check these things:

1. Is the robotics board on?

The switch in the top-right corner, a green light indicates that it's on.

2. Does the motor move in the MakeCode simulator?

If not, create a program that moves the servo in the simulator.

3. Is the micro:bit seated correctly in the Robotics board?

Try taking it out and plugging it in again.

4. Is the motor connected correctly on the back?

Pay attention to the orientation of the black cable.

5. Are the batteries working?

Old batteries might have the power to turn on the microbic, but not move the motor.

6. Does the download to micro:bit work?

  • Try downloading a simple text scroll first: https://makecode.microbit.org/_RqVDzg9kKikx
  • If that does not work, try "Connect device" again to make sure, that worked. (see training video)
  • If that does not work, try changing your USB cable.
  • If all else fails restart your computer

7. If the download work and the batteries are good and it moves in the simulator, Check if the motor is damaged, by trying another motor. 

If all else fails, restart your computer.

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