Common questions about straws and connectors

Are your straws like regular drinking straws?

Strawbees building straws are wider in diameter and stronger than regular drinking straws. Our building straws are custom-made, durable, and reusable. The rigidity of these building straws allows you to construct towers and massive structures taller than you, without bending or breaking.

And when you finish building, you can disassemble, and begin a new project. All materials are made from non-toxic, polypropylene (PP) and are 100% recyclable plastic.

Can I reuse the straws and connectors?

Yes! Strawbees connectors and straws are easy to modify and are designed to be used over and over again. They can get bent and get wet! Benefits of using high-quality plastic in the shape of a straw means we can use much less plastic and our structures become very lightweight. This way we optimize material usage by student per year and we can even make things that fly!

How do I clean my straws and connectors?

The absolute best way for spotless straws is to boil pieces immersed in hot water on the stove's top. Take extra care and caution to not have straws near the hot plate. Steaming the straws above boiling water is also an option.

Connectors and straws are also machine-washable. They can be placed inside a mesh laundry bag for delicates then cleaned in a dishwasher. This method is not as thorough in cleaning compared to boiling water getting inside the straws. They are safe to wash these materials on a high-temperature setting in any dishwasher.

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