"Access Denied" in Strawbees Admin

If you get the message "Access Denied" in Strawbees Admin, this indicates that you are logged in with an account that does not have access to Strawbees Admin. The most likely reason is that you are logged in to Strawbees Classroom and that you have used different emails or login methods in Classroom and Admin.

The solution: 

1. Click Log out.

2. Login (or register) with the email address that was registered with Strawbees Admin. 

To find out which email address is your Strawbees Admin login, check your inbox for the "Your Strawbees Classroom Subscription" or "Manage Strawbees Classroom Subscriptions" email. 

The other possibility is that the main administrator for your Strawbees Classroom subscription has removed you as an administrator. The solution for that is to contact them directly.

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